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About 2nd Generation Music

We are lovers and creators of music

Our Story

2GM was conceived in 1995 after a song was written. The idea of this song being published in a music book led to 2nd  Generation Music becoming a music publisher.  For many years, the business concept laid dormant as other priorities took place and music creation stayed in the back burner.  However, it wasn’t until 2013, when 2GM could no longer stay as a back burner idea and became a reality. Since then, 2GM has grown from a music publisher to a music center.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire musical creativity.



Don’t wait, let us help you start your musical journey today!


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Our Services

 2GM is not just for dreamers but for those who will invest time, energy and determination to see their dream accomplished


More Details

More Details

Vocal Coaching

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Music Production

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A vocal coach helps singers improve their musical style with technique (riffs, cadenzas, breath placement) as well as with interpretive performance.  We train singers on proper breath support, warm ups and healthy vocal habits.


Our clients include beginners as well as aspiring artists.  Ages 5 and above are welcome.  Contact us for a free introductory class.




Music is the expression of unspoken words, thoughts, and emotions.  At 2GM, our lyrics and our melodies capture the essence of deep and emotional connections that only music can express.  We work with every client to help them release their creativity that their song deserves.


We specialize in various songwriting genres; Praise & Worship, Gospel, R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Latin. Contact us to learn more about the songwriting process.  We welcome original song submissions for review.




We customize and individualize the music we produce to help artists develop a project that expresses their style and musical artistry.  We invite you to record your next project at Studio 21 where you will receive individualized attention and expertise at a price you can afford.


We offer multi-track recording, mixing and mastering.

Contact us for booking details and rates.



Music Publishing

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Artist Development

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Sound Engineering

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At 2GM, we help artists and songwriters navigate the complex world of music publishing.  Songs can create so many possibilities for revenue stream, our publishing division serves artists by finding opportunities for their music to earn revenue by placement in Film, TV, Radio, Commercials, and Streaming avenues.


Contact us for more info on publishing your original music.




We fully understand the creative process in writing and producing music.  Sharing your music with the world is a risky yet rewarding choice.  Your creativity has the potential to go beyond your expectations.


We provide guidance both in the creative and production process.  You may be able to write but might not have a melody, we can help.  You may have a melody but not have lyrics, we can help.  Let us help you develop your artistry.


In addition, we specialize in praise and worship songwriting, let us help you or your team improve your level in musicianship.




Worship services are critical in connecting people to God and God connecting to His people.  But many times, worship services can be distracting in a low-quality sound environment.


Does your church sound equipment have feedback issues?

Does your sound tech struggle with adjusting volumes constantly?

Do your singers sound muddy on monitors?

Does your mix sound off balanced? Are musicians over powering the vocalists?

Are vocalists having trouble hearing themselves?


These are common sound problems happening in churches. Many sound problems are a result from poor design issues 0rfrom a sound tech with limited sound engineering experience. Some worship teams don’t know their sound can dramatically improve and enhance by making a few small adjustments.


At 2GM, we offer consultation services to bring your sound performance to a higher level.  You will not need to invest thousands of dollars but with a few pointers and recommendations, we can help you perfect the sound you and your congregation deserve.





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Our Coaches

Meet our 2GM Coaches

Maria Rivera

Vocal Coach

 Chris McCrum

sound engineer

Boswell   Anglin


 Tiffany McCrum


Ask a Coach

We are here to help. Check out the forum for answers to common questions ranging from posture to performance and everything in between. If you don’t find what you are looking for drop us a line and we will be glad to answer your questions.

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2GM is a music company offering vocal coaching, songwriting, music production, music

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