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Some people may not pursue their dream because they think it’s a huge investment in time and money.  It is!  Other people keep pushing their dream aside because they don’t know where to start; all the info you have to know and lack of understanding on how music business works may feel overwhelming and so some just give up before they start.  Lastly, some people don’t really believe their dream is attainable.  They have a lack of belief and confidence in their ability and so they simply don’t pursue it.


But if you’re reading this article, you know without a shadow of a doubt that you were born to do music.  You want to sing, perform and share your songs with the world.  So, what do you really need to get started?



Most people think they need money to get started.  Money is a “great to have” because it buys you lessons, equipment, studio time, etc but there are many artists who started their music careers with zero money in their pockets.  The first and most important thing to have is PASSION.  Passion is a drive that gets you started and keeps you going when you’re tired, it keeps you working and hustling.  It’s the thing that keeps you practicing, writing and perfecting your singing, songwriting, producing, mixing and mastering ability so that you’re ready when the door of opportunity opens!  As long as you’re passionate, your dream will be attainable.



You have to believe in YOU!  You can’t wait for others to affirm you and tell you you’re good.  If you know that you are a great singer, songwriter, music producer, mix engineer then you can’t allow obstacles or negative thoughts stand in the way of pursuing your dream.  Social media likes or lack of them do not define you!  When you believe in yourself and believe in your musical ability you become unstoppable!  Fuel yourself with every ounce of BELIEF then train and develop yourself so that you continue to grow and perfect your product.



We all have our musical heroes, the ones we truly admire and want to be like.  But do yourself a favor, don’t strive to be like Beyonce, Jay Z, Drake, or Lady Gaga.  They worked hard to get where they are and never quit though they had every chance to.  They had passion and belief which kept them creating through the ups and downs of their careers.  You don’t need to sound like them or perform like them, you can admire and learn from their work ethic but just BE YOU!  You have your own distinct voice, sound and creativity.  There’s a whole group of fans waiting for your songs, your music, your lyrics.  Be You, they will love you!!!


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